A Family Business of 35 Years

A Family Business of 35 Years

In 1986, our founder Jim Marx, then a 19-year-old student at the University of Virginia, began making collegiate T-shirts for his classmates. The shirts caught on, and the university bookstore soon carried them in stock for the entire student body.

After graduation, Jim scaled the company to sell a wide range of collegiate-logo bags alongside the t-shirts. He also found a special niche with producing designer lunchboxes with fashionable patterns. The lunchbox product line was famous across the nation — well, as famous as a lunchbox line can be — and earned licensing deals to produce designs for brands like Snoopy, Nascar, and Spongebob.

By 2008, Broad Bay sold its products in 4,500 stores across the nation.

Broad Bay Fine Wood Gifts

Around 2015, we invented a first-of-its-kind process for printing custom designs on wood in our workshop in Virginia Beach, Virginia. We meticulously tested and perfected our process for years, launching our website PersonalizedandFast.com in 2018 when we were sure we could provide a product like no one else.

Today, we're a growing company with an expanding workshop and labor force. We're designing and adding new products every week, and we're always striving to give you the best customer experience possible through our three Broad Bay Promises: fast handling, fast shipping, and a quality product.

  • Promise One - Fast Handling: Every order placed before 2pm EST on a weekday will ship out that same day.
  • Promise Two - Fast Shipping: Every order for delivery within the continental US gets free two-day shipping.
  • Promise Three - A Quality Product: Our wood products are made from solid wood and processed along our workshop assembly line, which ensures strict quality control.